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Upcoming Launch: Introduction of the New Section in Belkins’ Sales Tools Catalog

Press Release: February 04, 2021

Welcome to Belkins - a B2B digital marketing agency devoted to your success! Throughout our vast experience, we have always been committed to helping our customers achieve their long-term and short-term goals. For this purpose, we’ve created a solid range of services and products, all aimed at helping you streamline the work of your sales team and boost your revenues.

Apart from delivering effective services that drive results, we are also helping our customers by supplying them with handy resources. On our website, you can discover a helpful blog, lots of great how-to guides, a growth podcast, a help center, and one of our newest features - the Sales Tools Catalog.

The Sales Tools Catalog is a catalog of resources and tools for SDRs, Account Executives, and Sales Leaders. The catalog is hand-curated, which means that all the resources are being carefully studied, analyzed, and assessed by our experts.

Currently, in our catalog, you can only find one section, dedicated to the best lead generator tools, resources, as well as B2B lead generation services. Every tool on this list comes with a brief but detailed overview.

To help you learn more about each tool and service, we also provide an unbiased review. From our reviews, you will learn about every company’s background and foundation, the services it offers, available pricing plans, rating, and what customers say about it.

Now, we are expanding our Sales Tools Catalog and adding a new section called Top Appointment Setting companies to make it even more helpful and informative.

What Will You Find in the New Section?

To make our Sales Tools Catalog even more helpful and thorough, we will be adding new sections to it. The next section to be added is dedicated to appointment setting. The goal for creating it is to help you find out what options are there and make the right choice.

Our team has been working hard to study and evaluate all popular appointment setting service providers out there. We have carefully handpicked the best of them to create a list of the most potent companies and tools that can make appointment setting effective but effortless for you.

The new section will be added to our Sales Tools Catalog in the shortest time. It will present a list of tools and services that all come with a thorough review, just like it is on our Top Lead Generation Companies list.

The review of every company in our new section will include important details, such as:

  • Foundation date
  • Approximate company size
  • Overall rating (calculated based on customer reviews collected from the Internet)
  • Services and products it offers with explanations
  • Pricing plans
  • Customer reviews

We can’t wait for the new section to launch, so stay with us and don’t miss it!

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