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Unveiling our Dark Side

Press Release: March 23, 2010

In spite of 123 million Google hits for leadership and enough books to fill many libraries, there is still no consensus about what makes a good leader. This is not really surprising given that leaders clearly have a very wide range of personalities, styles and skills. However, unlike leadership success, there is considerable consensus about what causes the demise of leaders. The dark side of personality features are strongly related to leadership failure.

HDS The Measure of Leadership Derailment
Ten years ago PCL published the UK edition of the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), a personality questionnaire with one important difference. Rather than focusing on leadership talents, the HDS is based on research into leadership failure. These deep-rooted and self-destructive tendencies erode the effectiveness of managers and executives over time.

Why the HDS is Crucial for Leadership Development
Dark side characteristics of leaders can have a profoundly negative effect on organisations. Statistics suggest that of every 10 people earmarked for stratospheric career success, 7 will fail or derail as leaders. When managers fail, the expense extends far beyond the time and cost of replacing them.

Widely used in the UK and globally, the HDS identifies 11 derailing characteristics. Using the HDS as part of your leadership development programmes can help build leaders self-awareness of dark side characteristics, and subsequently they can effectively manage them and avoid tipping into these destructive behaviours in the future.

Research Report A Decade of the Dark Side
In 2009 we launched a landmark research report that shares our insights over a decade of professional practice in using the HDS to assess leadership derailment. The report has been widely cited in a number of professional publications including the Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times and is downloadable from our website.

Assess your own Dark Side for FREE
In order for you to experience the HDS for yourself, for a limited time, we are offering an opportunity for you to complete the questionnaire free of charge and have a feedback conversation with one of our expert Consultants. Please reply to this email if you would like more details.

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