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Unrestricted Access To A Lifecycle Service Orchestration Platform

Press Release: January 16, 2018

In the free webinar from Jan. 31, How Orchestration Platforms Really Work, attendees will get an insider’s look at what an orchestration platform can do for CSPs and MSOs.

- The ability to support legacy, virtual (SDN/NFV), and hybrid services and technologies is a ‘must-have’ for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Multiple Systems Operators (MSOs) looking to streamline their operations with an orchestration platform. However, not all orchestration engines are built with the telecom industry’s standards in mind. To support providers and operators in making informed decisions regarding this pressing need, Steve Marsh, Intraway’s CTO for North America, will host a webinar on Jan. 31 to demonstrate how a lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) platform really works and what it can do for a CSP network.
“Similar to what the MEF is promoting from an LSO perspective, our orchestration engine sits in the service management layer, between the product catalog and order management on the north side and technologies & resources on the south side.
We’re looking forward to sharing with attendees what it can do for their network and infrastructures” Marsh stated.
In the hour-long webinar, Marsh will discuss the role of LSO according to telecom industry’s leading organizations, demonstrate how to activate and provision a complex service in minutes, and give an insider’s look at Intraway’s LSO platform and answer all of the attendees’ questions on orchestration.
The webinar will take place on January 31, at 2.30 p.m. ET. and has limited capacity. Anyone who is interested in joining can register at http://www2.intraway.com/l/311371/2018-01-04/4tbcc

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