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University Halls Requires Twelve Ultrasonic Heat Meters

Press Release: June 09, 2016

Twelve BFU Ultrasonic Heat Flow meters from Bell flow Systems are being used in a district heating study being undertaken as part of a Southampton University PHD Thesis.

Installed in Halls of residence at various locations across the University campus district heating grid the BFU range was chosen for its’ low cost and non-invasive installation requirements, whereby the products flow and temperature sensors are clamped externally onto the heating pipes, rather than plumbed in using the traditional method.

Using time-of-flight acoustic technology, the BFU measures velocity and flow rates whilst integrating them with supply and return temperatures within the heating circuit, to calculate the amount of thermal energy used at each location. The results are logged via multiple outputs available from the unit including, Modbus Comms, 4-20mA analogue signal and scalable pulse output.

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