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Universal music ingrooves /music group African artist gets recognition mainstream music industry

Press Release: March 24, 2020

riginally from Congo Brazza, his artist name is kharYsma Arafat NZABA with a capital Y for stood out from the competition. He is a civil servant talent, entrepreneur, photographer, painter, author / composer and performer. He is not a DJ. KharYsma is part of the generation that counts in urban music culture and in the international landscape. He started his musical career at the age of 16 in 2006, when he created its first informal music label; and out on the internet and local radio stations in Congo Brazzaville, the single Orphan featuring with a friend: Odin carter in 2008; and the neo song negro spiritual entitled Let your will be done, sung solo, and ranked number 1 for 8 months on the internet charts of budding artists. He then took a break from his music career to devote himself to his studies where he obtained an MBA in finance (Bac + 6). In 2012; he is enjoying his stay which lasted 8 years in France to launch on the record market its first solo album entitled Unexpected. he becomes a true professional with the creation of the Groupe Business label Therapy / klym record, and its titles are very appreciated by the press which devote several articles in print and online media; his music was broadcast on webradios and on fm waves; he receives millions of play on his Myspace, his titles are classified in the top 20, 40, n ° 1 on the charts like ourstage, reverbnation ... and he plays an inaugural concert at the celebrity center in Paris ; or the room was packed…
Finally, he participated in the zic me up with a performance at Pornic casino, whose images are still present on YouTube. Its international reputation asserts itself with the publication of the musical compilation with American artists in the cd: Hot Urban Music Collection, in 2014, and published a dance version of the title: Unexpected; which is broadcast throughout the year in summer 2014 nightclubs in France and the United States. It ends in the top 100 titles distributed in clubs, and he released the book: Premises of love without detour who knows a mixed success, but reveals to the world another facet of his pen. In 2015 ; kharYsma Arafat NZABA tests its first symphonic music with the album: Mixtape beat by kharYsma volume 1, whose song Miracle orchestral will win the prize for the best music video clip awarded at the Akademia music awards in November 2015, and the book of the same name will know a great success around the world. Many of his songs receive over 500,000 streams; and in January 2016, KharYsma publishes the best of kharYsma 2006-2015. The title Miracle finished semi finalist 2015 of the International Songwriters Competition (ISC) and wins a new musical award at Akademia (USA) in April 2018 for her hip hop song 'Dear Fan'. Time to return to Congo rings in 2017; and kharYsma Arafat NZABA polishes the final details of what will be her 3rd solo album with urban and symphonic music In 2018; he publishes the symphonic book:

I'm Back (Gold rhymes) which immediately ranks number 1 in sales on Amazon and r-ba.fr. His perseverance leads him to sign a contract with the debonnair group, for a duet with American artist Rick Ross; which ranks in the top of the iTunes podcast and is entitled: Why do not we fall in love… The single: Christmas love symphony, released the same day as the duo with rick ross (the November 15, 2018) was number 3 in iTunes Turkey sales when it was released. The 3rd album of kharYsma Arafat NZABA was released on December 15, 2018 on all platforms legal download and is entitled: Golden rhymes (I’m back). A real return to business musical which materialized with a ranking in the top itunes France, turkey and germany, then in the top google play music in south africa. The golden rhyme video (I’m back) adds up more 100,000 views on youtube, as a freelance artist; and kharYsma Arafat NZABA released a book with the same title. He is the laureate of the akademia music award 2019, for his contribution in hip hop / rap, the most prestigious consecration of the akademia of los angeles Creating a unique sound while to his African roots music blends elements of traditional african music and modern hip hop rap and trap signed publishing deal with universal music

(USA). We are undoubtedly awaiting a new album coming to see Under Universal Music

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