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United States Kids Food and Beverage Market will be US$ 58 Billion by 2025

Press Release: March 30, 2020

United States Kids Food and Beverage Market by Category (Cereal, Dairy Frozen Products, Meals, Shelf-Stable, Juice/Fruit Drink, etc), Companies provides a complete analysis of United States kids food & beverage market.

According to Renub Research Analysis, United States kids food and beverage market is expected to surpass US$ 58 Billion by the end of forecast period. Numerous food & beverage companies focus on children age-group in United States because, this industry has potential to generate multi-billion dollars. Food & beverages market in this region is quite focused on marketing because it’s very simple for them to market via digital marketing to capture attention of tech-savvy parents.

The major factors that are fuelling the Kids Food and Beverage market growth in USA are; huge product line, good completion in the market, brand awareness and brand equity, changing taste of next generation consumer, parents are too much conscious about the food and beverages product, Parental approaches for getting children to try new food and beverages products, product innovation etc. rising obesity among the children is the major issues of the market.

This report also discusses the attitude of parents and kids towards dietary habits and preferences, shopping with kids and how kids influence the parent’s decision etc. Kids food and beverages businesses in United States is growing at rapid pace and marketers are putting their full effort to innovate the product to fulfill the next generation kinds. Kids of today’s generation are more marketing savvy and are aware of the nutritional value the product. Therefore companies are mainly focusing on nutritional aspect of good and beverages, packing, customized products with numerous product lines etc.

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Besides, introduction of new food by companies and parental approach to try some different food encouraging children to eat more. Children starting their school years still face many nutritional needs. But after some time they develop new sense of food and eager to choose the lunch menu. Most children in the school are influenced by their friends. National surveys show three out of four children in school are getting their own snacks. Snacks will contribute up to one-third of the total daily caloric needs, and a significant proportion of the nutrient requirements. Therefore many companies in United States are producing high nutrient snacks to fulfill the requirement of children.

Market Summary:

By Category: This report has done comprehensive analysis of kids food & beverages by category of the product. The category includes; Beverage, Cereal, Dairy Products, Frozen Foods, Meals, Shelf-Stable, Produce, Snacks, Salty and Sweet, Others.

By Products: In this report, we provide the market of various product and their further subcategories. The product includes; Juice/Fruit Drink, Aseptic (Boxes and Pouches), Juice/Fruit Drink, Other (Bottles, Cans, Cartons etc.), Cheese, Yogurt (Cups, Tubes etc.), Yogurt (Drinks/Dairy based Smoothies), Ice Cream/ Novelties, Chips/Crackers, Fruit Chews/Gummies, Others.

By Companies: This report provides full insight of leading key players along with company initiative, strategy and sales analysis. The leading key player includes; Conagra Brands Inc, PepsiCo Inc, The Kellogg Company, Campbell Soup Company, General Mills Inc and The Hershey Company.

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Key Topics Covered :

1. Introduction
2. Research & Methodology

3. Executive Summary
4. United States Kids Food & Beverage Market

5. Market Share – United States Kids Food & Beverage

5.1 By Product
5.2 By Sub-Products

6. Product – United States Kids Food and Beverage Market

6.1 Beverage
6.2 Cereal
6.3 Dairy Products
6.4 Frozen Foods
6.5 Meals, Shelf-Stable
6.6 Produce
6.7 Snacks, Salty and Sweet
6.8 Others

7. Sub-Products – United States Kids Food and Beverage Market

7.1 Juice/Fruit Drink, Aseptic (Boxes and Pouches)
7.2 Juice/Fruit Drink, Other (Bottles, Cans, Cartons etc.)
7.3 Cheese
7.4 Yogurt (Cups, Tubes etc)
7.5 Yogurt (Drinks/Dairy based Smoothies
7.6 Ice Cream/ Novelties
7.7 Chips/Crackers
7.8 Fruit Chews/Gummies
7.9 Others

8. Growth Drivers

8.1 Child Obesity Trends
8.2 Key facts about the number of children in the United States
8.3 Growing Awareness of Well Balanced Diet for kids in United States
8.4 Increasing United States children's food and beverages retails trends
8.5 Growth of Organic Products in the United States.

9. Challenges

9.1 The impact of food advertising on childhood obesity
9.2 The ‘Plastic ban
9.3 The rise of health-consciousness among consumers

10. Merger & Acquisitions

11. Companies Covered

11.1 Conagra Brands Inc
11.2 PepsiCo Inc.
11.3 The Kellogg Company
11.4 Campbell Soup Company
11.5 General Mills Inc
11.6 The Hershey Company

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