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United Kingdom’s Nottingham Film Festival Crowns LyricalGenes with Best Music Video and Lyricist Award

Press Release: April 29, 2020

Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes) wins Best Music Video and Lyricist Award along with his work partner, Dom Mann Productions (cinematographer, editor, and video producer for all of LyricalGenes’s video content). 


From LyricalGenes’s perspective, “Brainstorm” was a song written like an essay; expressing some of his motives in the music industry. In his opening line, Dana Burtin states, “I’m staying motivated. Don’t need no one to talk about me because then I am overrated...I'm the guy to make it happen for my family and not to gratify, gratify. Steady waitin' patiently on stand-by.” This line illustrates LyricalGenes’s true intentions in the industry; to stay true to himself. 


Dana Burtin’s work partner, Dom Mann Productions, started working together in high school after they realized that they shared very similar goals for their future. Dana Burtin wanted to infiltrate the music and entertainment industry, while Dom Mann was pursuing video production in the industry. Soon, these talented young men decided to merge their future plans together by working with each other and creating content for the world to see. Who knew they would win special awards in the United Kingdom?


LyricalGenes and Dom Mann Productions’ video quickly gained massive attention and traction on LyricalGenes’s channel after winning the award. The music video took racking up thousands of views overnight, making “Brainstorm” one of LyricalGenes’s most popular songs, for good reason. The song's lyrics remain humble in nature, attaining a grounded sense of self. For example, Dana Burtin states, “I don’t need a chain, I got ice in my veins.” Implying that materialistic value does not stand on a high pedestal for LyricalGenes. Along with Dom Mann Productions, they work on projects together due to their genuine passion and love for the art of entertainment.


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