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United Corsets: Fat Burning, Fashionable Sexy Corsets At Affordable Prices

Press Release: March 25, 2019

United corsets - It is all too common for fitness experts to say that all you need is diet and exercise to shed the excess weight, but what about getting a fuller and sexier body shape? Unless you were born with the natural curves, you might want to explore the world of body shaping corsets.

Here at United Corsets, professionals have come together to design fat burning, fashionable, and affordable shapewear that matches every look and style. These are just some of the items currently available for less at the online boutique:

Latex Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Cincher (Available In Different Colors)

Get the most out of your daily work out or just wear this amazing latex waist training cincher the whole day. Its breathable fabric allows for all-day wear with zero discomfort. Grab one today for the low price of $14.57!

Latex Waist Training Vest With Steel Bones (Available In Different Colors)

Exercise at the gym with confidence thanks to this waist training vest that helps your body stay in perfect shape and form, even while doing vigorous activities. All yours at the sale price of $17.99.

Overbust Corsets (Available In Different Colors)

Look and feel sexy with this jaw-dropping overbust waist cincher that’s fitted with plastic bones for added comfort. The set comes with a matching G-string to enhance the look. Now on sale at just $14.99.

Burlesque Overbust (Available In Different Styles)

Whether it’s for the bedroom or for a fashion show the burlesque overbust is sure to take your look up a few notches because it will accentuate all the right curves. Buy corsets like these starting at the very low price of $15.99.

Elastic Waist Belts (Available In Different Styles And Colors)

Get one of the elastic waist belts and transform a drab outfit into a fashionable piece worthy of the runway. These high-fashion waist cinchers are available for just $15.36 if you buy one today.

Underbust Top And Yoga Leggings Set (Available In Different Colors)

Be the talk of the room when on your next yoga session with the matching underbust top and yoga leggings set. Now available at a sale price starting at $29.07!

Steampunk Overbust Vest

Standout from the crowd with a steampunk overbust vest and still look hot and sexy. Whether the looks if for cosplay or your personal style, it will surely turn heads. The vest can be yours for the low price of $46.24.

Embroidered Victorian Sweetheart Neck Overbust (Available In Different Colors)

Look elegant, classy, and curvy with this delicate embroidered piece from United Corsets that’s on sale. Buy corsets with similar styles and looks starting at $18.91.

Gothic Leather Lace Shrug

Dazzle and amaze the crowd the next time you’re out and about by using a gothic leather lace shrug. It’s the one must-have accessory that will elevate your current style and it’s on sale for just $37.00.

Brocade Corsets (In Black And White)

A must-have for every woman who loves corsets and waist training. Brocade corsets are a timeless classic that goes well with any outfit. Grab both colors for just $15.99 each during the United Corsets sale.

Embroidered Underbust

Get the cinch without the discomfort by choosing embroidered underbust with plastic bones. Choose from a variety of styles and colors and always have those luscious curves all day, every day. Start a collection today because each matching set is available for just $13.99.

Bridal Corsets

Look wonderfully beautiful and sexy on your wedding day. Get one of the bridal corsets that are on sale. Starting price for these pieces is at $13.99, a small price to pay to get the perfect wedding look.

There are tons more corset on sale at United Corsets. Visit the website at https://www.unitedcorsets.com/ and begin your waist training journey today.

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