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Unit4 Extension Kit Launch Announced

Press Release: July 10, 2020

London, UK – 09 July 2020 – Unit4, a cloud leader in enterprise software for people-centered organisations, announced the latest release of Unit4 ERP, its Cloud-based platform used by over 2,700 organisations worldwide.

This latest release includes a platform to deliver low code Extensions. This lets customers connect different business systems and create new workflows without the need to develop code. Instead of using the old-style customisation tool, the Extension Kit uses Extensions Flows. This means no software development is required, development is quick and easy, and no database access is needed.

As an elite Unit4 partner and early adopter of the U4 ERP Extension Kit, Embridge Consulting was invited to take part in workshops to define the benefits of the Extension Kit and how to use it. These were attended by a select number of participants across the U4 Partner network, where a number of Extensions were created as a test bed for future developments.

Dave Whybrow ACIPP, Professional Services Team Leader & HR & Payroll Solutions Architect for Embridge Consulting designed and built an Extension that focused on Course Calendar Integration. It confirms attendance using Unit4’s digital assistant, Wanda, and automatically schedules the meeting in Outlook.

When asked about the functionality offered by the extension kit, Dave replied: “It’s great, it really opens up so many possibilities”. To give you an idea of those possibilities, use cases addressed by the partners in the workshops included:

  • Signalling Completed Workflow: when a workflow has been completed, it will automatically update the requestor via Unit4’s digital assistant, Wanda, upon completion
  • ERP Timesheet Sync: any time logged in Jira is automatically added to timesheets in Unit4 ERP
  • Automatic Credit Check Upon Entering Purchase Orders: when a purchase order is created, a credit check is performed and the result is published via Unit4’s digital assistant, Wanda.

Another workshop attendee, Wojciech Gregorkiewicz, Unit4 ERP Support Consultant at Embridge Consulting, said he can, “Certainly see the potential of the Extension Kit combined with other components of the platform.”

Faye O’Connell, Product Development Director at Embridge Consulting, believes Unit4’s Extension Kit presents a fantastic opportunity to seamlessly integrate with external and legacy applications while, “removing the need for out-of-date data exchange approaches like file transfers.”

Faye also confirmed Embridge Consulting is well placed to help customers take advantage of this solution, “Our plan at Embridge Consulting is to support customers in the configuration of flows that will leverage the capabilities of the Extension Kits and deliver optimised end-to-end business processes.”

Embridge Consulting offer support and training on the Unit4 Extension Kit to U4 customers wishing to expand and develop their ERP to new levels.

Embridge Consulting was born out of a need to help businesses leverage their technology and business systems. Respected for our expertise in ERP, we also provide strategic advice on a comprehensive range of solutions that transform business. We work with clients across multiple sectors to understand, design and deliver pragmatic

Unit4’s next-generation enterprise software supports our customers in delivering an exceptional People Experience to their own customers – from students and professionals to the citizens and constituents they serve. Unit4 transforms work to be more meaningful and inspiring through software that’s self-driving, adaptive and intuitive, intelligently automating administrative tasks while providing easy access to the answers people need. Unit4 works with people the way people work.

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