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Unique, useful and beautiful - the ideal gift for a cookery friend

Press Release: March 22, 2010

Coming up with good presents for friends is always a tricky one, but I find that friends who cook a lot create a special challenge.

It is nice to give your friends something they like, something that lasts (in addition to the bottle of wine) and ideally something that is useful too. The problem with the budding master chefs is that they already own
every possible pot, pan and kitchen gadget there is - half of which I don't even recognise.

Luckily I have finally discovered a useful and beautiful kitchen gadget that even comes in different colours to choose from - an elegant and joyful potato tester with a delightful bird theme by a Finnish designer Aarikka.

It is not a coincidence that a potato tester is designed in Finland - potato is the most common everyday ingredient in Scandinavian cooking.

Available in deep orange, turquoise, bright green and yellow and costs £21.00

These are eco-friendly too. Made from Finnish birch wood, the material is from sustainable forests. Many of the Aarikka products are assembled either at home or at centres providing jobs for the disabled.

In the UK these potato testers, together with other Scandinavian design goods are available to order online at Arctic Fashion http://www.arcticfashion.co.uk/er04/catalog/category24.htm

These potato testers are not available on the high street in the UK, and only recently introduced in Finland, so you will be able to delight your cookery loving friends with this welcome and unique gift.

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