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Unique accommodation: what modern tourists choose

Press Release: February 18, 2019

Secluded country houses, tree huts and authentic stanzas– these types of accommodation become popular among true fans of tourism all over the world.

According to research, which travel companies regularly conduct, this year, about 20% of the potential tourists from different countries, will prefer such accommodation.

It’s not surprising that more people perceive travelling as an opportunity to change their ordinary pastime, have new situation, a chance to take new experience, new emotions - try a completely different way of life, “trying it yourselves”.

As it turned out, it is important for travelers to be able to impress their friends from social networks. Therefore, about 23% of respondents admitted that they are trying “something new”, based on the desire of their soul - to capture the event (photos and videos) that they can share then on the Internet.

Hostels and private apartments are also becoming increasingly popular with those who plan to travel this year. However, it's not just the price that dictates popularity of this type of apartment. It is no less interesting for travelers to feel themselves like “local” inhabitants, staying not in the popular tourist area of any city, but on its outskirts, where they can see simple life without any embellishment.

However, the price of such dwellings will also serve a certain purpose. So, 43% of the participants told about “the importance of having alternatives like "budget accommodation”. For many of them, such financial savings, allow to make the journey longer and visit more places of interest. The new trend worries hoteliers and makes them look for new, interesting places for tourists and “rack brains” providing control to existing hostels and private apartments, especially if they are located far away from “big civilization”.

Usually, modern technologies are becoming a solution that allows to control business with the help of special systems and other “online tools”, to track the processes of working with the room supply and make adjustments to them in time. Among these successful solutions - hotel management system by OtelMS company.

Being hoteliers, OtelMS company (https://www.otelms.com/us/) understands the main tasks of owners at this type of business, so company’s developers created reliable software. Today, hotel management system by OtelMS has become so convenient that it is used by many single hotels, as well as by the owners of a network of apartments scattered throughout the world.

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