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Uninsured Drivers - Police Crack Down Upon Motorists Who Flout Laws

Press Release: April 08, 2010

West Yorkshire authorities spent a day on the beat targeting uninsured drivers, with a worrying 37 fixed-penalty notices and two arrests made within just 24 hours. Bradfords Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Regional Roads Policing Unit and the Force ANPR Intercept Team and Motorcycle Unit worked together to remove nine uninsured vehicles from the road.

NPT sergeant Michael Cox revealed: "We took nine uninsured vehicles off the roads which I hope acts as a strong message that uninsured drivers in Bradford will not be tolerated."

With moves being made to try and control the cost of car insurance premiums, the authorities are almost certain to treat those driving without car insurance with the full brunt of the law.

It is a movement that is beginning to be trialled across the nation, with forces in Norwich recently recouping seven motorcycles, 19 cars and one lorry in the past six months.

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