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Unified IT Services Benefit Small Businesses

Press Release: May 19, 2016

When choosing an IT services provider, a small-to-medium sized business must consider that provider’s ability to cover all of the company’s equipment and devices, as well as implementing a comprehensive IT service strategy.

Over 50% of small business that engage an IT services provider will make use of two or more of their services, but they often have to rely on multiple vendors to fulfil all of their requirements. This can result in a lack of cohesion between services or departments, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs.

Extended Offerings

Some familiar names among, for example, the broadband and telecoms industry, have expanded their scope to offer a range of IT services alongside their existing services. This has been an effective play to the preference of many small businesses to use incumabant providers where possible.

Many local IT companies have also shown an ability to service multiple categories, where some of the larger companies may choose to specialise.

There has been a recent trend in the US for larger companies to tailor solutions for small businesses that provide cover across several areas, for example:

IT support
Web development
Web hosting
Network support and security
Cloud storage
Collaboration and document sharing

This trend is now being mirrored in the UK. A goal-oriented approach to sales, in place of traditional sales techniques and reactive marketing campaigns, enables these companies to engage with non-technical decision makers by promoting benefits and outcomes.

Bundled IT Services

We are seeing a move away from specialist companies catering for specific, individual requirements, towards both small and large providers designing packages that provide across-the-board cover for today’s small business. This unified approach to the provision of IT services avoids the fragmentation experienced in the past and promotes better communication, consistency and cost benefits.

More Information

Zero9 are providers of unified IT services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK. We tailor our packages to suit each of our customers, with pricing and terms that reflect the needs of the customer.

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