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Unexpected Team of the Season in FIFA 20

Press Release: May 23, 2020

<p>At the end of every season in different leagues EA announces TOTS which stands for the "Team of the Season". This year, however, things are different.</p>

<p>In 2020, we have TOTSSF which is "Team of the Season So Far". And it's a competition and a poll to vote for the best team of the season for Premier League, Bundesliga, and other Football leagues.</p>


<h2>Why do we have TOTSSF in this year in FIFA 20?</h2>

<p>Since there is a pandemic going on right now which is called COVID-19, and has resulted in temporary suspension of the leagues (and possibly canceling this season), EA has decided to change the plans this year. That's why they add "so far" to the Team of the Season and made it TOTSSF.</p>

<p>The health of the players and fans has been considered more important than keeping the leagues going on for the sake of titles or who wins a cup. That is the decision that has been made at the highest level of Football confederations in Europe and other Continents.</p>


<h2>What are TOTS Cards?</h2>

<p>If you're a FIFA player you're probably familiar with IF&nbsp; Cards, normal cards (which are called non-IF cards), TOTW cards, etc. TOTS cards are no different than those. They are simply IF cards, which is In Form cards of players. To be more clear, the regular players have normal skill ratings and have a specific price when you're trading them on Transfer Market in FIFA 20. But the TOTS Cards are a little bit boosted in terms of numbers of the player's skills and thus will perform much better if you buy them with <a href="https://whatsgaming.net/">cheap FIFA coins</a> and add them to your FUT team.</p>

<p>That explains why TOTS cards are a little more expensive than non-IF cards in FIFA.</p>


<h2>Which Players are Chosen for TOTS?</h2>

<p>Famous websites like FUTWIZ usually collect FIFA fans' votes to predict which team will win TOTS and this year: TOTSSF. The team usually consists of 2 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 6 half-backs, and 3-4 forwards from all teams. After the polls finish collection votes, the final TOTSSF will be announced and as a result, those players who were chosen for the TOTSSF will receive a boosted special card which you will be able to buy with your <em>FIFA Coins</em>.</p>

<p>FIFA Coins are in-game currencies used to buy items in the transfer market. So, when you spend a lot of time playing SBC's and complete the challenges FIFA is giving you, you will have sufficient FUT coins in your account to be able to buy an icon player such as Zidane or Ronaldo or even Messi for your team.</p>


<h2>Is it possible to buy FIFA Coins?</h2>

<p>If you're wondering if it's possible to buy <a href="https://whatsgaming.net/fifa-coins/ps4">PS4 FIFA Coins</a>, the answer is: Yes and No! Based on EA's terms and policies, you are prohibited from <u>buying FIFA Coins</u> with <u>real money</u>. But on the other hand, EA has set out some rules for transactions in their transfer market. EA makes 5% out of any transaction which is being made to buy players for teams. EA always looks out for suspicious and robotic behaviors in buying and selling items in FIFA 20. That's why if someone is an expert in trading in FUT, he or she will be able to transfer a *<strong>limited*</strong> amount of coins to your account without violating any of EA's rules. This is a fair treat for both parties.</p>


<h2>What else do you need to know about the TOTSSF event?</h2>

<p>This year, as always you'd have lots of Squad Building Challenges to fulfill and the reward will be a TOTSSF card in FIFA 20. It is also possible that the price of FUT cards goes up really high during the nomination of TOTS. When that happens you'd have to pay a lot more (in FUT 20 coins) to get one of those TOTS cards. So it's up to you to keep the TOTS cards you have earned from hard work during playing SBC's or just give it away in the transfer market for a good amount of coins to use them later for buying better Fifa players for your squad.</p>

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