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Ultimate Netbook Ladies Bag Review

Press Release: April 20, 2010

Netbook Bags and cases are rarely at the top of the style charts; and the classic black netbook bag is fast becoming outdated. More and more leading designer companies are offering up brighter, more fashionable solutions and Ultimate Netbook arent afraid to rise to the challange.
Designed for the ladies, especially those who consider their mini laptop or netbook an everyday essential. The netbook bag comes in the choice of two colour finishes; standard black or a rich chocolate brown. One of the main purposes given to the classic handbag style design is to disguise the fact that this particular handbag actually contains a netbook or mini-laptop. The safety element gives the bag an edge compared to other branded products which use the classic netbook case style- only in more garish colours and patterns.
Once inside the bag, there are a number of compartments to fit all other ladies essentials, making this every womans dream office or work bag. The faux leather gives an outstanding finish, and as with other netbook cases and bags from Ultimate Netbook- it has the guaranteed quality that comes from the in-house design.
The quality of this netbook bag doesnt just cover the outside; the bag has durable polyester lining with extra inside padding on the specially designed mini-laptop compartment. The netbook pocket also sports a handy Velcro strap for extra security. The pocket helps users avoid common netbook injuries such as case scratching, cracked screens and avoids the general dirt that occurs when netbooks are stored in an average tote bag. The long handles also make carrying a netbook around easier than in an average netbook case.
The netbook bag fits any netbook between seven and ten inches comfortable and securely, and is such a bargain for £19.99 and with free delivery from Ultimate Netbook!

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