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UK Vehicle Insurance - Treasury Invests into Pothole Repair Fund

Press Release: March 29, 2010

The worst winter across Britain in over 30 years saw arctic conditions hit UK roads, with snow and ice wreaking havoc. A signal of the damage caused by the winter weather came from a recent report by the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA), which suggested that 80 percent of the UKs local authorities were in need of financial support to repair the state of their roads due to potholes.

Chairman of the AIA, Mike Linley, is sceptical that the funding provided by the Treasury will be enough to improve driving conditions across the entire country.

Mr Linley said: "Although there has been a small increase in central government funding over recent years, it is a drop in the ocean compared with the amounts needed to stop the rot. Extreme weather would not cause so much damage if our roads were fit for purpose in the first place."

Earlier this month the AA claimed that UK vehicle insurance claims had risen a staggering 600 percent in the last three years, with experts predicting that it could take up to 15 years to restore the roads back to good condition.

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