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UK Vehicle Insurance - Safety Awareness Course Used to Avoid Fines & Court Appearances

Press Release: March 24, 2010

Drivers in the North Yorkshire area that are caught speeding just a few miles over the speed limit will be encouraged to take part in the safety awareness scheme to fully understand the effects that even marginal speeding can create.

Should the course prove successful it is hoped that the scheme will be rolled out across the country with a view of tackling the age old problem of drivers that push speed restrictions to the absolute limit and beyond.

The ability for North Yorkshire drivers to visit such a scheme can also save the cost of increased UK vehicle insurance which inevitably occurs for drivers who consistently break driving legislation.

Councillor Keith Orrell, a member of the North Yorkshire Police Authority, said to the York Press: "These courses will be another way of alerting motorists to the dangers associated with inappropriate speeds and contribute to the continuous attempts to reduce road casualties."

Although the safety awareness course will cost motorists £69 each, it could be a small price to pay to avoid fines and long-term damage to UK vehicle insurance premiums.

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