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UK Vehicle Insurance - Motorist Jailed Following 59th Motoring Conviction

Press Release: March 23, 2010

The final straw came recently when the motorist was once again stopped by Police, this time for driving after being disqualified ironically three days before he was due to appear in court regarding a previous driving offence.

Over the last 28 years the 50-year-old has racked up 110 driving offences, with the magistrates stunned and suggesting that it is the worst driving record ever to have been seen in the courts.

It is certainly worrying that so many UK motorists continue to show blatant disregard to driving laws, with Dorset Police revealing that they recently reported 30 driving offences on the countys roads in a single day.

Sarah Fatica, from road safety charity Brake, said: "Anyone who has been disqualified so many times poses a serious risk on the roads. It's disturbing that he has been allowed to continue breaking his ban time and time again."
The danger for innocent, respectable drivers is that reckless drivers such as these are playing a major part in the continued increase in UK vehicle insurance.

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