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UK Van Insurance - Van Drivers Most Knowledgeable About Engines Than Any Other Road Users

Press Release: March 25, 2010

The survey which canvassed 1,500 motorists underlined the significant knowledge that van drivers possess, with 97% van drivers questioned knowing how to change their vehicles tyres in comparison to just 76% of car drivers.

As UK van insurance drivers stereotypically drive longer distances than car drivers, it is perhaps natural that 81% of van drivers know the correct tyre pressure while only 20% of car drivers knew the legal requirements.

Swinton car insurance recommends that all drivers are required to have enough basic knowledge to fill tyres to the correct pressure, top up oil and water levels, change a tyre and replace a windscreen wiper.

Commercial vehicle manager at Swinton, Phil Moss, said: "It is good to know that our van insurance customers are so knowledgeable about their engines, but at the same time it is concerning than many car drivers lack basic understanding.

"All drivers should have at least basic knowledge of their vehicles and should not rely on other people to carry out maintenance work, such as filling up tyres and topping up oil, to avoid unnecessary claims which can lead to an increase in insurance premium."

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