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UK's Most Eligible Billionaire Heiress Launches Domestic Violence Campaign

Press Release: May 18, 2020


Amid Covid-19 Domestic Violence is on the rise. With celebrities becoming patrons for Domestic Violence Campaigns and spreading awareness across social media, there is one individual who opts to works without praise, recognition, and fame. Shreya Chatwani, a British Born Indian, Founded a self-funded organization on her 20th Birthday called Survivors.one.

Marking 10 years, Survivors.one has rescued over 1000 victims from Domestic Violence and Abuse. Victims who were otherwise lost in the system or forgotten. Whilst study Psychology at Oxford University, London she volunteered at a Domestic Violence Shelter part-time whilst also managing her family multi-million-pound business. 

Now 10 years on, marking 10 years of her foundation and her 30th Birthday. Shreya Chatwani is a qualified Doctor & has become one of the UK's most eligible bachelorette. With a net worth of 10 billion USD, and soon to make her entry into the 2020 UK Rich List. Dr. Shreya has grown her UK based multi-million-pound business into a Multi-Billion Dollar international empire.

For years now, she has chosen to maintain her distance from the Media & Limelight. Leading a quiet but busy life, rubbing shoulders with A-Listers from across the globe. But amid the global Covid-19 outbreak affecting all businesses worldwide, she launches a GoFundMe to support Survivors.one.


Speaking for the first time, Dr. Shreya Chatwani states, “Survivors.one is very close to my heart, it has grown with me. I have cried, felt the pain and hurt of victims. I have never reached out for anyone to help financially, neither did anyone other than my family & volunteers know I was running this foundation. It was never built for publicity. It is only today when most of our businesses are suspended from trading during this outbreak, and employees furloughed I am seeking help from outside. We have been overwhelmed by the number of victims that have come forward during isolation, and we need support. Money raised is used to support victims, children, with secure safe housing, food, clothes, counseling, daily essentials, education, training. It is not only taking the victim away from their abuser, but we also support to rebuild their lives, this takes years and it cost money. In the last 10 years, I can’t tell you the exact figure I have spent, but it has been millions, from building safe houses to all the other mentioned necessities, and for over 1000 victims, just do the maths. But every penny has been worth it, you can not put a price on saving a life”.

Furthermore, we asked Dr. Chatwani about how she felt about being one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the UK and her thoughts on marriage. She was sincere and honestly spoken, “I am single at the moment and have to admit, the job I do does make me very cautious about relationships. Plus my business background doesn’t help. I have been in a relationship where I was financially abused. It is difficult for me to trust anyone. I am cautious about dating anyone that knows me or my family background. There is always that tiny little thought in the back of my mind if he is genuinely with me because of me or my money. That is what happens when you have been betrayed before, it leaves a mental scar. I have signed onto a Matrimonial Website! where no one knows anything about me or my net worth so hopefully will find someone who likes me for me, oppose to my money! But one thing I am adamant about, is I don’t want someone who depends on me financially.

Infact, I want a guy who spends his money on me, makes my dreams come true, who will support me. I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, if someone without knowing me, who I am, and my financial background donated the full amount needed to Survivors.one I would marry them in a heartbeat. That’s a promise! You can tell alot about a man by his actions, I want someone selfless, who has empathy, sympathy, and humanity in abundance, Who doesn't give money a priority. I don’t need a man to buy me a house, car, diamonds or take me on lavish holidays. Support Survivors.one, show me you care, show me you put others first and I will put you first. Simple”.


To support Survivors.one. Visit www.survivors.one and donate. Alternatively, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/domestic-violence-saveme

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