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UK Roofing Business That Loves the Snow!

Press Release: January 08, 2010

The roofing industry throughout the UK is currently at a standstill and Roofing-Supermarket.Com is using this window of opportunity to introduce their newly launched Roofing Price Comparison Site to the entire UK roofing industry.

We felt that the cold weather provided us with a terrific opportunity to promote our new business as it was one of those periods that almost all Roofing Contractors would have time on their hands to give our new roofing site a good look over.

We brought forward our planned introduction e-mail shot to over 10,000 plus UK roofing contractors and the results have been staggering. Each day this week we have received thousands of visitors to our new site with a far higher number of registrations than we could have wished for at such an early stage.

Our new roofing web site was just launched in the New Year and we anticipated several months of hard marketing to the UK Roofing Contractors to get them to register with us; as it is now the harsh weather has been an enormous help to getting our business off to a great start.

Roofing-Supermarket.Com is the first Roofing Contractors Price Comparison Site in the UK and provides homeowners and businesses with the opportunity to get 5/7 price comparisons for their roofing projects including maintenance and completely new roofs.

We also compare roofing material costs from the UKs top manufacturers and suppliers which will save consumers a great deal of money especially if they are considering a complete new roof.

The use of the word supermarket in our business name was a direct result of the success of several leading price comparison websites. In recent years the consumer has become familiar with the word and realize before they enter our site that they will get price comparisons which makes a huge difference to the number of inquiries placed by our visitors.

One last point that is certainly worth mentioning is that Roofing-Supermarket.Com has the highest SEO Search Engine Optimization score achievable at 100% and is geared to be the UKs highest traffic roofing website within a matter of months.

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