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UK Roller Doors Is Proud To Offer A Range Of High Quality Automated Garage Doors

Press Release: February 14, 2018

Parking and protecting your car can be made much easier with automated garage doors. Having to manually open and close your garage doors can be a real inconvenience. When you are leaving for work in the morning, you want to get into your automobile and go. When you are coming home in the evening, the last thing you feel like doing is stopping the car, putting the gearshift in park, getting out, and lifting the garage door.

UK Roller Doors helps you to simply your life. We specialize in the installation of Automated garage doors in Kent. Our products are perfect for garage doors of all types. They are also compact and streamlined, so that you do not lose an inch of space. The door curtain rolls up into a header box. There are no guardrails or any other contraptions that take up space.

Your electric door comes with a remote control. This is of particular value as it will allow you to open the door without stopping the car. You can simply press the button to raise the door before you even pull into the driveway. When you are leaving, you can raise the door before you enter your car.

UK Roller Doors installs Electric garage doors in Kent that meet the highest engineering and electrical standards and are in line with all appropriate regulations. The thing that sets the doors that we sell apart is the smoothness and ease with which they operate. Most automated garage doors are slow, clunky, and noisy; opening them causes a tremendous racket that can be hard both inside and outside the house. You should spare your family and your neighbors this daily torture by purchasing a garage door that is silent. The low number of moving parts in our doors makes them virtually noiseless.

If you are interested in having an automated door installed, UK Roller Doors can respond to your inquiry quickly. One call to our office and one of our service specialists will come to your home for an initial survey and assessment. The installation should be straightforward. However, should your home require additional electrical work or matching cladding or timbering, we can liaise with your builder and provide the exact details and specifications of the work that needs to be carried out. We can then provide you with a quote for parts and installation. And we can schedule the job at time that best suits your schedule.

Spending money on an automated door is a worthwhile investment. It is one that you should protect. UK Roller Doors offers an excellent warranty and service agreement. If there is a defect in your door or any kind of malfunction, we can come out and carry out the repair, or if need be a replacement, with no extra charge to you. We even offer you the opportunity to sign on to a long-term service and upgrade agreement. This will allow you to get the regular maintenance you need and to get periodic upgrades to your system.

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