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UK Road Safety - Drug Driving Rates Low in Comparison to Drink Driving Figures

Press Release: February 26, 2010

This is somewhat conflicting to studies that suggest that there is a significant rise in drug driving, with levels equal to that of drink driving convictions.

The dangers of drug driving are just as severe as drink driving, with those convicted usually banned from UK driving for over 12 months, as well as receiving a criminal record and a much-deserved fine. UK car insurance providers penalise convicted drivers with significant price hikes, while some brokers may decide not to offer a policy whatsoever.

Road safety charity, Brake, is urging the police and justice system to crack down on drug drivers to ensure that the issue does not escalate in a similar vein to that of drunk driving.

Brake chief executive, Mary Williams said: We hope that this report will recommend the substantial overhaul of drug-driving legislation and enforcement.

There is likely to be further condemnation of drink and drug driving next month with an independent review carried out by Sir Peter North due to be published.

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