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UK Petrol Prices - Motorists to be hit with Further Fuel Hikes

Press Release: March 17, 2010

The AA has criticised oil prices as the sole reason for the increase in UK petrol prices. Interestingly enough, the cost of a barrel currently stands at $80 which is markedly lower than the cost of oil back in 2008 which saw prices rise as high as $147 per barrel when UK petrol prices struck the £1.20 mark.

To rub further salt into the wounds the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling looks set to implement a three pence increase in petrol duty, in a move that will enrage both motorists and motoring organisations alike.

AA president Edmund King fumed: "The UK is barely out of recession, yet petrol prices threaten to rise to record prices seen during the boom of 2008 -- shortly before the collapse into recession.

"If families, drivers on fixed incomes and those on low pay were unable to cope with record prices then, they are even less likely now."

Drivers can improve their fuel economy by driving in the highest gear possible for their speed and by avoiding overuse of heating and air conditioning systems that drain fuel.

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