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UK Motorists - Tyre Safety Measures

Press Release: February 19, 2010

The most crucial area of a tyre is its tread. The better the tread depth of your tyres the greater grip and control you will have on the road. The tread provides control in slippery conditions, while dispersing high volumes of water in wet weather. The legal tread depth for tyres in the UK is currently 1.6mm. Drivers with tyres having less than three quarters of this depth are not considered roadworthy.

Effective tyre pressures can improve fuel efficiency as well as optimum safety. For high performance it is preferable to check your tyre pressures on a weekly basis or every time you refill your petrol tank at a fuelling station.

Under-inflated tyres get warm quickly and create extra drag, thus requiring a greater amount of fuel for your journey. Meanwhile over-inflated tyres are also dangerous as it decreases the surface area of the tyre on the road and subsequently your grip on the tarmac.

If a car is fitted with new tyres it is generally tracked and aligned by a garage for optimum steering. Nevertheless, the smallest bump on a kerb can dislodge the alignment, therefore it is recommended that you get your wheels aligned two to three times a year.

Should you suffer a tyre blow out or a puncture then your problems can be averted by possessing a spare tyre in your vehicle in the event of such a scenario. By keeping your car in peak condition you are giving yourself the best possible chance of avoiding an accident or breakdown and consequently being forced to make a UK car insurance claim.

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