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UK Motorists - Half of UK's Drivers Feel Overcharged by Garages

Press Release: February 18, 2010

The results from the study by Motor Codes, who provide consumer codes for vehicle owners, revealed that 14 million UK car insurance customers feel short-changed, while a quarter of all drivers believe they have been overcharged in the region of £51 - £150.

Perhaps even more worrying is the 5% minority of drivers who consider their garages to have duped them out of over £300 in charges a staggering thought when you consider that the cost of a UK car insurance policy is sometimes less than this amount put together.

Chris Mason, director of Motor Codes, commented: "Despite there being many very good UK garages, the public's bad experiences with some has brought about a lack of trust.

"The service and repair sector historically has a bad reputation when it comes to cost."

It is a growing concern for UK motorists, particularly with the vast majority of Britons having to tighten their belts financially by looking to keep costs to a minimum. However, with garages in a supply and demand business it is difficult to regulate prices to an acceptable rate.

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