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UK Motor Insurance - Inquest Launched into Winter Roads Preparations

Press Release: April 08, 2010

Heavy snowfall and ice meant for treacherous driving conditions for weeks on end, with many drivers complaining about the lack of gritters salting the roads each evening, leaving many minor and residential roads resembling something like an ice rink.

UK motor insurance claims unsurprisingly increased throughout this period, with motorists claiming negligence of the conditions by road agencies led to numerous road traffic accidents that could so easily have been avoided.

The icy roads also created a significant number of potholes across the country that has left experts suggesting it could take up to 15 years to return the roads back to good working order.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis admitted: "For the most part our transport networks have coped well, but there are lessons that can be learned in order to improve our resilience for future winters."

The inquest is to be led by RAC foundation chairman David Quarmby, with the transport authorities reaction to the winter weather and future plans of action at the top of the agenda.

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