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UK Motor Insurance - Campaigns Increase to Ban Smoking in Cars

Press Release: March 26, 2010

The recommendations are as a result of an extensive report by the Royal College of Physicians, which exposes the numerous health risks to children from smoke and offers potential strategies to tackle the long term problem.

The smoking laws currently require vehicles that are used as work-places should be smoke-free, however this has failed to be implemented successfully, leaving younger employees faced with the continual exposure of smoke inhalation. Health officials suggest that the current smoke-free legislation should be extended to public areas regularly frequented by young people.

There have already been murmurs of discontent from pro-smoking quarters following the growing campaigns to ban smoking in vehicles.

Nigel Humphries, spokesperson for the Association of British Drivers, told BBC News: "The car is a private space and it crosses a line to start interfering in it, however much one disapproves of smoking."

Whilst smoking in a vehicle does not damage drivers UK motor insurance policies, a lack of concentration smoking at the wheel could ultimately lead to disastrous consequences.

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