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UK ISP Consumers Put Broadband Reliability Before Speed and Price

Press Release: December 30, 2009

(www.ISPreview.co.uk, UK, London) The results from 1043 respondents to ISPreview.co.uk's latest survey reveal that 42% of people rate 'Reliability' as the most important factor when picking a new broadband ISP, which is closely followed by 'Speed' (37%). Interestingly 'Price' is no longer seen as being the key factor, with just 15% voting for that. Both 'Support' (3.6%) and 'Services [email etc.]' (2%) came bottom.

Despite Price being considered less important than Reliability and Speed, some 30% of respondents still pay around £20 per month for their broadband service, 25% paid around £15 and a surprising 21% are paying more than £25+. Furthermore 16% pay roughly £10 per month and 8% just £5 per month (the cheaper services may have been taken as part of a cut-price bundle).

It's interesting to contrast this with a survey conducted at the same time last year, which found that 52.4% thought their Internet service was too expensive. Little wonder that todays survey also revealed how 61% of respondents considered themselves 'Likely' or 'Very Likely' to change ISP in 2010 (Unlikely 21.5%, Very Unlikely 17%).

"Thanks to the competitive market and increasing maturity of unbundled broadband services, consumers now have plenty of choice, thus most now seek reliability as their top criteria when considering a new ISP," commented ISPreview.co.uk's Editor and Founder, Mark Jackson. "There was a time when price would have been considered more important but, in the age of growing demand for new media, content and a greater quality of service, this appears to be changing."

"However it is still difficult to find the perfect parity between a highly reliable/fast service and one that also comes with a lower price tag, never the less there appears to be no shortage of consumers who are willing to search for the holy grail and an increasing plethora of services for them to take a chance on. Sky Broadband's Unlimited package and Virgin Media's faster cable broadband products come to mind. Never the less, a truly high quality service rarely comes cheap you get what you pay for," concluded Jackson.

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