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UK in Top Ten of Most Attractive Countries for Skilled Migrants

Press Release: March 18, 2016

London, 17 March, 2016: Finally, the UK has been named as one of the most popular destinations for attracting skilled workers from all parts of the world. The Kingdom has been ranked at the seventh positions based on its immense ability to attract, develop and retain highly-skilled foreign workers while making them completely satisfied. The figures come from a recent survey conducted by the Global Talent Competitiveness Index, the Adecco Group, the international business school INSEAD and the Human Capital Leadership Institute. The data further revealed that the UK retained its initial place in the ranking finishing seventh, as it did in the year 2014.

The survey was conducted under two different categories, under which the UK ranked fourth among countries ahead in attracting in businesses with foreign ownership and seventh as the country most likely to attract international students. The report at the same time is well highlighting many positives regarding the UK and their ability to attract skilled migrants. However, in many of the other reports it may also be observed that Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) suggested that the British Government took a stricter approach to skilled migration.

At the same time, the Tier 2 visa was also stuffed with many restrictions making it difficult for people to get through it easily. The changes proposed by the MAC include a £1000 levy, as mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, which some believe could reduce skilled migration by 20%.

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