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UK Hedge Hedges Hedging Plants - Advantages Of A Container Grown Yew Hedge Plant

Press Release: May 20, 2015

From all the different types of UK hedge, hedges, hedging, hedge plants or hedging, the most British of all these plants is the yew hedge plant. There are a variety of yew hedge plants or Taxus. However, the most popular yew hedge plant that is grown in great quantities in the United Kingdom is the Baccata, These hedges are known to be slow growers and due to that fact people should purchase a large Baccata yew hedge plant from Hedgexpress. Once these plants are planted and grown correctly they make a very sturdy and attractive formal hedge. The foliage of the yew hedge, namely Baccata, is a beautiful dark green which is very dense. The plant can be clipped very easily to any shape or height.

These hedges grow best during the UK spring months followed by another growing spurt in the late summer in the United Kingdom. The new growth that appears shows a light green colour and matures to the dark green colour as it gets older. In the winter months of the United Kingdom the female bushes show a classic red colour and produce squidgy yew berries. These winter berries are a popular food source for birds. In a previous post the qualities and advantages of bare root, root ball and container-grown plants was discussed. The conclusion reached was that container grown or pot grown UK hedge, hedges, hedging, hedge plants or hedging, provide the best value for money, as well as longevity and quality of hedge plant. This is most certainly the case when it comes to containerised or potted yew hedge plants.

Yew is very reliable when planted as a bare root or root ball in a container or pot. Due to the fact that the Yew hedge plant is a formal hedge, it should be planted with as much certainty of its likely future growing pattern as nature will allow. Container grown or potted plants can be placed with greater accuracy. Planting your yew accurately will result in your yew getting off to a healthy start. Yew is a relatively slow grower and as a result the maintenance efforts are reduced to a minimum. Choosing medium to tall container grown plants to place and grow your yew hedge plant in will quicken its growth to a fully grown hedge. The roots of a yew hedge plant are not fragile but one should not continuously dig them up to replant them on a regular basis as this will weaken the yew and reduce the hedge life dramatically. Therefore it is best to plant and grow these hedges in a container or pot from the start in order to achieve longevity.

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