Home UK Health Radio launches 'Drayton on Air' - Home learning with a local primary school to support children and parents during STAY AT HOME.

UK Health Radio launches 'Drayton on Air' - Home learning with a local primary school to support children and parents during STAY AT HOME.

Press Release: April 08, 2020

Home Schooling/Learning is no easy task for all families in light of the Coronavirus Lockdown. UK Health Radio in collaboration with Studio 808 have given airtime to a local school in London, to make communication for the teaching staff and their pupils easier during this difficult time. UK Health Radio feels that Mental Health is such an important issue during this time of Home Schooling/Learning. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10am headteacher of Drayton Green Primary School, Mrs Doherty and teacher Mr Mason, welcome everyone that home schools nation wide, to listen to 'Drayton on Air'. Each day they have a ‘shout out’ session which includes birthday wishes, acts of kindness recognition and well dones! A highlight for the kids is Mrs Doherty's story reading which she is known for as well as her love of books which she continues to share with the pupils via the show. Mrs Doherty knows how challenging these times are for all STAY AT HOME parents and is looking forward to taking over at least one hour of their day to engage with the children and give them a sense of having been to school and that the teachers and friends have not forgotten them. Friday is ‘question time’ in which the teachers will answer questions about; home learning, school, school work, online safety, talking to your child about challenging topics etc. Monday's Mrs Doherty will be delivering her ‘normal’ Monday morning assembly! We would like for all children in Primary School to engage in this hour to get the mental support they need in this time of uncertainty and turmoil. Johann Ilgenfritz, founder of UK Health Radio states that: "Home schooling is new for most parents on this scale. We felt a desperate urge to support parents in the quest of making this a successful and engaging time with their children. So we approached a local primary school with this idea. Communication and mental health is key for our kids, after loosing their school setting so abruptly. We decided to bridge this gap, not just with the school but with their friends, through the show." If this is of interest and we can provide you with anything further, or to set up a Zoom or Skype interview with founder of UK Health Radio, Johann Ilgenfritz or headteacher of Drayton Green Primary School, Mrs Doherty, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help.

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