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UK Drivers - Loyalty to Car Insurers not Often Reciprocated

Press Release: March 02, 2010

Renewal time is a difficult period for motorists, looking to find renewal quotes at the same price or cheaper if possible. However, there has been significant murmurings of discontent amongst consumers in recent months with loyal customers being stung by higher rates and misinterpreting 14-day cool off periods as a result experiencing hefty charges to exit a contract.

With the release of the new 10 car registration plates car renewals are currently at a heightened level. AA car insurance suggests that UK car insurance premiums are growing at an alarming rate currently the most expensive fees in the last 16 years.
Quite often nowadays it pays to shop around and change your car insurance broker.

Financial comparison website, moneysupermarket.com reveals that drivers are individually spending £180 more by sticking with their current provider thats a combined waste of up to £1.3 billion a year.

Their statistics showed that drivers aged 55 and above are more likely to remain with their car insurer for longer an average of 3.5 years per broker meaning that older, more experienced drivers are most at risk of being stung by their current provider.

Automatic renewals are common amongst most UK car insurance policies. If you do not contact your provider within 14 days of your insurance expiry date, many companies automatically bill you for an annual renewal.

You do not have to accept the first renewal quote you receive. Drive a hard bargain and discuss with your insurer over the telephone and ensure you have comparable quotes from rivals insurers to hand in order to drive the cost down to a mutually agreeable level.

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