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UK Car Insurance - Validity of Car Insurance at Risk When Defrosting Vehicle

Press Release: February 15, 2010

Even in the opening few weeks of 2010, 34 incidents have already been reported where cars have been stolen with the keys still in the ignition and the engine warming up. Many drivers turn their vehicles on and return indoors while waiting for it sufficiently heat up.

Superintendent Mark Granby said: "People can be tempted to leave their car engine running on a frosty morning while they keep nice and warm inside their house."

However, drivers are unable to make a claim if their vehicle is stolen with the keys in the ignition, leaving owners with the financial uncertainty of having to find a replacement car.

It is a particularly pertinent issue at present with the temperatures across the country expected to plummet once again with biting arctic conditions. Therefore drivers are very much encouraged to heed this advice, particularly if you live on a busy main road or area of a town or city.

Just four weeks ago the Association of British Insurers stated that motorists who leave their vehicles for a mere matter of minutes risk the possibility of invalidating their UK car insurance policy.

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