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UK Car Insurance - Understanding Levels of UK Car Insurance

Press Release: February 09, 2010

The minimum protection that a third party car insurance policy offers is financial cover for any third party vehicles and persons involved in an accident. This is not a recommended choice of UK car insurance if you own a particularly precious and expensive vehicle as third party policies do not protect you for the cost of any repairs to your own car.

As third party car insurance only protects third party vehicles, this is an inexpensive policy and is ideal if you have an older second-hand vehicle and are attempting to keep running costs low.

As a go-between with third party car insurance and a fully comprehensive car insurance policy, third party fire and theft car insurance remains a cheaper alternative whilst providing protection for third party vehicles and fire and theft damage to your own vehicle. As a result, third party fire and theft car insurance is one of the busiest markets and offers serious competition between UK car insurance providers.

Naturally, if you have the financial situation that allows you to afford a comprehensive car insurance policy, it is widely recommended for newer, more prestigious vehicles. Owners of cheap, second-hand vehicles will not be as seriously affected by a burglary as owners of a high-performance car costing thousands. In the case of a stolen vehicle, a validated full cover car insurance claim ensures that the vehicle is replaced with minimum fuss.

Make the right choice and compare all levels of UK car insurance policies to see just how practical a comprehensive deal is for you.

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