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UK Car Insurance Special Constabulary Joins Forces to Make Suffolk Roads Safer

Press Release: February 04, 2010

As part of the National Specials Weekend, the annual event where the countrys volunteer officers take part in patrols and operations surrounding a particular policing issue this years set on road policing.

As many as 150 Suffolk special officers are taking part in this initiative including groups of neighbourhood response teams and safer neighbourhood teams. Together the forces will attempt to encourage Suffolk drivers about the effects of mobile phone usage while driving, speeding and driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Special superintendent Dean Knight, said: Some communities have highlighted to their SNTs concerns about anti-social vehicle use or parking problems.

"Specials will be focusing on these issues to improve quality of life for people living in affected areas."

Data from the Transport Research Laboratory suggests that despite numerous campaigns and legislations against using mobile phones whilst driving, more drivers are using their handsets whilst at the wheel than two years ago. But it begs the question whether drivers actually take heed of such advice until it is too late.

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