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UK Car Insurance - Prestige Vehicles Recovered Despite Unpaid Car Insurance

Press Release: February 10, 2010

The HPI works alongside the Police to recover vehicles that have unpaid car insurance and road tax, with a staggering one in eight cars seized due to outstanding payments. As a result the HPI has helped to protect assets of financial companies by recovering a batch of prestige cars prior to crushing.

A host of stunning sports cars have since been saved with three vehicles worth over £100,000 saved from the scrapheap, along with Audis, Aston Martins and Bentleys that would have been consigned to scrap metal had the HPI not stepped in.

The process of taking cars without a valid UK car insurance policy is a lengthy one, but as head of fraud for Lombard, Kevin Elkins suggests, it works to help legitimate drivers.

He said: Our involvement has not only delivered benefit to our business but also to our customers by reducing our risks and driving their costs down.

"The wider the police coverage is extended the greater the benefit and value of the scheme will be for all."

Drivers involved in an accident with a driver without a valid UK car insurance policy are in a nightmare position, with no chance of obtaining any financial support for repairs from a third party.

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