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UK Car Insurance - Motoring Offences Targeted With Increased Legislation

Press Release: March 19, 2010

The Daily Telegraph has recently revealed its investigation into the number of recorded motoring offences, which now stands at around 15 million convictions every year an increase of 4.7 million from thirty years ago back in 1980.

There are a number of new laws and technological advancements which have improved the number of motoring convictions made each year. The effect for motorists is that this has a knock-on effect for their UK car insurance policies.

1.1 million UK motorists have been penalised due to the fact that they failed to notify the DVLA that their vehicle was in fact off the road and pleading ignorance to the laws certainly does not work. Enhanced CCTV solutions have increased the number of motoring offences by over 1 million in six years, with the figures standing at 1.75 million in 2006.

Paul Watters, head of roads and transport policy at the AA, admits that the current range of motoring laws is keeping more and more drivers on the straight and narrow.

Mr Watters said to the Daily Telegraph: "You just have to blink to be guilty of something today. You can be done for taxing your car too late or forgetting to register it as being off the road, even if it's broken down and sitting in your garage."

UK car insurance brokers will take a consistently dim view of drivers who are caught flouting motoring laws on a regular basis, with steep premium increases a natural result of irresponsible driving.

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