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UK Car Insurance M&S Car Insurance Takes Unusual Measures for Customers

Press Release: February 03, 2010

The car wash deal has been valued at £84 and drivers will be entitled to 12 vouchers to use a car wash once a month.

Although it is an exclusive deal to customers who purchase through this particular car insurance comparison site, it underlines the lengths that many UK car insurance providers often go to attracting new and existing customers.

This is not the only case where car insurers have offered unique services to new and existing customers. Only this week Kwik Fit car insurance offered drivers a free MOT when purchasing a car insurance policy during a 24-hour sale period.

Stereotypically drivers do not tend to go for a car insurance policy that offers the best reputation and protection they mainly tend to go for the deal that is the cheapest, and who can blame them? But these additional features and services all add up to providing an attractive proposition.

Some providers choose to offer a level of breakdown cover as standard, a handful have even provided a sum of free petrol when purchasing a policy. Online discounts are the most popular saving for car insurance customers, with significant money to be saved by purchasing your vehicle protection online.

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