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UK Car Insurance - How Good Driving can Reap its Rewards

Press Release: March 05, 2010

Primarily insurers weigh up the factors that determine how frequently that a driver will make a car insurance claim. These factors are generally centred around the age, sex and driving license of an individual. Womens car insurance is stereotypically cheaper than mens car insurance due to statistical reasons, but driving habits and convictions can also play an influential role in rocketing a car insurance premium sky high or similarly keeping a premium to a cost-effective rate.

UK car insurance providers take a very dim view of drivers that show a distinct lack of vigilance on the motorways. Drivers caught speeding 20-30% over the legal limit are likely to be clamped down upon as many motorists continue to think it is okay to flout the laws. Meanwhile motorists convicted of using mobile phones at the wheel and driving without wearing a seat belt will also feel the pinch due to their irresponsible behaviour.

Common sense generally prevails in most individual cases. Good, safe driving will not only keep a driver safe, but it will also show brokers that they are dedicated towards protecting the lives of others and other vehicles lowering the risk of making a car insurance claim.

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