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UK Car Insurance - Guard Against Vehicle Thieves & Vandals

Press Release: February 25, 2010

The most effective methods suggested including ensuring that your car is parked on a safe road and in a well-lit area. Well-lit areas often scare off the attention of potential thieves and vandals as they cannot do their damage in a subtle manner.

A more expensive method of deterring criminals from breaking into your vehicle is by installing a safety device, or car alarm. South East crime reduction officer, Lorna Watson admits that it takes thieves a matter of seconds to cause havoc. "It takes much longer (for drivers) and that is frustrating for owners to deal with insurance companies, or the damage to the repaired vehicles and alternative transportation."

UK car insurance customers with vehicles in areas of particularly high crime rates can expect to fork out increased premiums due to the heightened risk to the insurer/broker. If you are fortunate enough to have a garage or secure drive-way to park your car then it is far more likely that you will pay a more reasonable fee whilst guarding against vehicle thieves and vandals.

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