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UK Car Insurance - Government Issues New Guidelines to Guard Against Potholes

Press Release: April 07, 2010

At present 900,000 individual works take place on an annual basis in order to repair poor road surfaces and potholes that can cause damage to vehicles and cyclists, leading an increased risk of road traffic accidents.

The government has revised its Code of Practice to ensure that the quality of Britains road surfaces remains to an improved standard. Transport Minister, Sadiq Khan believes that these latest strategies will lower "the probability of potholes developing."

Over £100 million was recently invested by the government specifically into pothole and road repairs, but it is thought that this figure will need to multiply to truly tackle the problem. Experts have previously suggested that it could take up to 15 years to return Britains highways into a fit state.

With the importance of no-claims discounts to UK car insurance policies increasing, drivers are desperate to steer clear of potholes and damage to their vehicles to avoid making a claim.

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