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UK Car Insurance - Drivers Urged not to get Complacent with Vehicle Safety

Press Release: February 15, 2010

By being vigilant and placing any valuables out of view and maintaining your vehicles security alarm or immobiliser, you can talk small but significant steps to avoid having to make a UK car insurance claim.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: "Never underestimate the determination of some thieves: don't leave your car keys in a bowl or on a rack by the door - one of the most common methods of stealing a car is using a pole to reach through the letterbox to get the keys."

This latest advice comes hot off the heels of the IAMs list of the most dangerous places to park in the UK. Hull came top of the list, with Nottingham, Bradford and Manchester following closely behind.
It can be frustrating having to make a claim for an incident that is out of your hands. Car insurance premiums may rise in the future as a result, so dont take your vehicles safety lightly.

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