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UK Campaign to Keep Small Businesses Alive Post Covid-19

Press Release: May 18, 2021

It is happier times indeed with restrictions on our daily lives now starting to be lifted, and life beginning to get back to something resembling normality. However, with the end of Furlough in sight the as-yet-unseen reality of the desperation in many small businesses is soon going to be realised. The government has done much to try to stave off the devastation that Covid-19 has wrought on our economy – but the truth is that there are thousands of small businesses that are in trouble – and many who just are not going to be able to recover in a post-Covid world.

In the UK, small businesses make up more than 50% of our economy and employ more than 60% of our workforce and the impact of a small business closing is far more than just the immediate jobs and livelihoods that it effects. 

Launching his campaign, UK Entrepreneur and Investor, Craig Bartlett says, “We have to save as many small businesses as we can. They are the lifeblood, not just of our economy, but our communities as well. My mission for the rest of 2021 and 2022 is to work with small business owners who think they may be in trouble - to keep the businesses alive, and to help them thrive.

“A single small business closing has a huge impact. It hurts the owner - who feels responsible for their staff and thinks they have failed. It hurts their team who must find another job in such a difficult market, and their families who must help and support the newly unemployed.

“It also impacts the business’ customers, who now have to find someone else to buy from, and their suppliers who have to find someone else to sell to - which may then also put those businesses in jeopardy.

“Then there is the community that the business supports - the local school fete, the summer beer festival, the football team who lose sponsorship - there's just such a massive knock-on effect from any business closing - and I want to stop that as much as possible.

“Any business owner that thinks they may be in trouble or may have to close their company can contact me via my website at www.craigbartlett.com for a confidential chat. Every business is different and will have its own challenges, but my team and I are offering free help, support & advice, along with ongoing investment and resources where required - to keep as many businesses alive as possible. Don’t leave it too long – the sooner we talk, the sooner we can work together to help your business.”

You can also WhatsApp me from my website at https://www.craigbartlett.com

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