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UK Business Look to Copywriters to Boost Sales Revival

Press Release: March 17, 2010

UK businesses are increasingly turning to professional copywriters to help with their marketing campaigns, with many top UK copywriters reporting as much as a 50% increase in business during the first few months of 2010, as firms revamp and renew their marketing campaigns.

Copywriters tend to be independent professionals who are used by firms to produce text for websites, brochures, flyers and press releases. The fact that so many UK businesses are increasing their spending on this type of marketing communication suggests an increased confidence with regards to consumer spending and the potential for growth.

I have dealt with a huge increase in enquiries about my business copywriting services since the new year, both from established businesses and start-ups, explains Martin Sayers of www.mscopy.co.uk, one the UKs top independent copywriters. Typically, the type of copywriting work Im doing involves publicising a new service or product and I see this as a sure sign that the economy is starting to recover. Businesses are looking to expand by investing in their marketing communications to take advantage of increased sales potential.

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