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Uk 3d-print company has solution to the housing crisis! And you can win it for a tenner!

Press Release: October 17, 2018

3Developers ltd, one of the world’s leaders in 3D house printing technology are running a not for profit competition, that will give the lucky winner the chance to design, and own their dream home, 3D printed.
And all for only £10
The competition is part of the drive preceding the launch of the companies Seedres crowd funding campaign and promises to provide a house built in an area chosen by the winner, designed by the winner and 3Dprinted….
And with a half million-pound construction budget.
All the profits will be donated to charity and the competition that goes live this month will also be funding the building of a Ugandan orphanage and numerous UK and global charities.

The competition at www.dreamhome3dprinted.com is set to run up until Christmas and will be selling 200,000 tickets. With all profits going to charity.

CEO Stafford Carrington says of the competition
“This is an incredibly exciting moment for us and for the world of construction and how we build our homes, the home we will print for the lucky winner will be the UKs most technologically advanced home, fitted out and furnished by our partners, it’s going to make someone’s dreams come true, whilst also raising a huge sum for our charitable partners”
Our technology can print a 4-bedroom house in 24 hours and is up to 50% cheaper than a traditional build. It is also cleaner with our waste products getting down to 90% less than traditional methods.”
We are really excited to be partnering with Habitat for Humanity and to be working towards ending the housing shortage at home and abroad, with our building regulation approvals set to come in early next summer we will be building homes you can mortgage her in the UK by the end of 2019

The housing crisis at home and abroad is in the news every week but no one is talking about solutions.
We are we have one! Hopefully this will raise awareness and publicize a possible solution”

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