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Ufology Web launches new website for online Ufology courses

Press Release: October 08, 2019

UfologyWeb.com is a new website providing e-learning courses for anyone researching UFO studies or who aspires to become a Ufologist.

The site contains courses such as ‘An Introduction To Ufology’ by renowned UFO researcher, author, broadcaster, and speaker, Richard Dolan.

Site owner and developer Ben Lovegrove said, “With recent developments including announcements from the US Department of Defense and the US Navy concerning UFOs, UAPs, and various close encounters, now more than ever, the world needs more reliable and thorough UFO investigators and researchers.

For anyone new to the subject and for current researchers the problem is not finding information, rather it is finding reliable information amidst all the hoax reports, fake videos, and false leads. So what better way to start or continue your journey into the world of Ufology than with a course written by one of the current leading researchers on this subject, namely Mr Richard Dolan?”

The subject of UFOs is surrounded by taboos and yet the research dates back eight decades. In the 21st Century, the world needs not only more diligent and dedicated researchers, but also journalists who have completed a crash course in UFO Studies.

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