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Uber-Like Platform Connecting Sports Facilities Providers & Seekers

Press Release: January 02, 2018

Recently, an aspiring startup observed the usual difficulty faced by the young sports talents in finding the sports field of their interest to practice. Moreover, many times, the fields are also not utilized in lack of their availability information to the respective mass.

This triggered the client with an idea of developing an app for booking small playgrounds, stadiums and other sports facilities in the USA. The platform will be the Uber for booking sports facilities and would make them accessible to millions of users with a click.

Intuz already has a proven track record of successfully serving a variety of industries and app categories. It is also expanding in various dimensions while addressing an array of objectives/ challenges with its excellent concept development capabilities.

Considering the versatile project portfolio (https://www.intuz.com/work) and app development skills of Intuz, the startup approached Intuz. By understanding the approach and purpose of the app concept, Intuz has tailored the Sports Facilities Booking App design. Further, Intuz proceeded to be the development partner for the designed app for both Android and IOS operating systems.

This platform is facilitating the players or sportspersons, who are looking for the facilities like playgrounds, swimming pool, courts etc. to practice but doesn't know where to go and how to book it. This will enable them to access the sports facilities to practice as per their convenience and ease.

The players can search and book for required facilities/fields as per their choice and convenience using this app itself. Also, they can pre-book and pay online.

On the other side, it does enable the stadium/sports-field authorities to showcase their availability on the same platform. This app will showcase list of sports facilities or grounds, their distance, available time-slots, directions, their charges, etc.

This brings the sports facilities and the ones in need of them, on a single place. They can simply utilize their Android or IOS phones to leverage the benefits of this app.

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