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UAE Businesses take exemplary measures during the Covid 19 pandemic

Press Release: March 22, 2021

Mar 3, 2021, UAE – All Dental Clinics in Dubai implemented governmental guidance and restrictions during the post lockdown period and kept themselves and their teams up to date with the changing standard operating procedures to ensure both ethical and dentolegal obligations were fully met. 

Dental Clinics in Dubai provided various dentistry related services during the post lockdown period such as dental implants, orthodontic services such as braces in Dubai and veneers etc. Patients who required wisdom tooth removal in Dubai or dental implants by a certified Implantologist were provided a safe and professional environment to have the procedure carried out. 

This has also been a time in which Dubai has seen a rise in teledentistry grow. Startups providing clear aligners in Dubai offer patients the affordable option of having their orthodontic treatments carried out from the comfort of their homes. Dentaleconomics.com says “Government officials may have deemed dentistry a nonessential service during previous COVID-19 shutdowns, but this was an oversight regarding the importance of dental health and its effect on overall health. However, should further waves of the virus occur, a total shutdown is not necessary if dental practices have the correct teledentistry tools and protocols in place..” 
Market Watch’s story on the subject of how the pandemic is affecting children’s dental care on 1st March stated, “Six in 10 parents have attempted to get their child preventive dental care during the COVID-19 crisis, with a majority able to schedule appointments in a timely manner and a quarter landing their appointment after a delay.” However, Dental Clinics in Dubai have insured that the children who were in the middle of dental treatments when the pandemic hit do not have to wait too long before they could resume their treatments. Pediatric dentists in Dubai have made a concerted effort to provide continued dental care to children in the safest possible manner.  

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