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Types of web hosting and basic standards to be kept in mind while choosing the hosting provider

Press Release: May 25, 2019

Ever thought about what would the internet be without websites?
A nightmare?
Well, it's time to give the due credits to the service known as 'hosting', which plays cupid between websites and the internet.

Web hosting is the activity of providing storage space and access to websites. It basically is a service which enables an organization, a body of persons, associations, and/or an individual to post website(s) onto the internet.

Hosting enables a website to be up and functional on the internet, which is enough reason to bow down to it and make sure it works well.

Well, well! These are completely valid questions.
Choosing a hosting service can be a little tricky. This is because a bad hosting service can lead to a slow/hacked/crashed website, and we all know the road only goes down from there.
Therefore, it has to be a wise and well thought decision.

The types of hosting to choose from, for your website(s) are:

• Shared hosting: It means that your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites. One of the biggest advantages of shared hosting is to minimize the cost.
This is because the cost is shared amongst other websites. This type of hosting is highly suggested for budding startups since it minimizes the initial cost of investment.
Plus new websites don't have a lot of traffic, so there are very slight chances of the server crashing.

• Cloud-based hosting: Hundreds of individual servers work together to make it look like one big server. This is how cloud hosting is done. As the need grows, hosting company can simply add more hardware.
Its advantage is that it can accommodate the surge of traffic instead of shutting the website down.
Many providers offer plans like – 'Pay what you use', so choose wisely.

• Dedicated web server: It means you are renting one physical server from a hosting company. It's biggest advantage is – You can have full control if you want.

The 'best hosting' for your website depends on the requirement. Though, one of the most important factors in this is choosing the right provider with wide range of plans to choose from.

Following are some basic standards to be kept in mind while choosing the hosting provider.
You don't want to fall in the trap of shiny looking plans with poor services.

• 24X7 Customer support: It's important that your hosting & domain company provides you with 24x7 customer support in case of any technical glitch. This is important to avoid website downtime, which will result in an unfavorable reputation for the website.

• Network monitoring: Diligent monitoring can stop the server-to-server spread of malware before it gets to the server hosting your site. Ask for some details on how the support team monitors the network, whether the staff is dedicated to this function, and what the engineers look for.

• Antivirus and Malware scanning: It is important that the provider runs scans each and every document which goes up on the server.
The support plan should include identifying and removing the Malware in case the account gets infected.

• High availability and disaster recovery: Look for a hosting company that will keep your website running with 99% uptime or better than that. Disaster recovery is not limited to just backing up files. The hardware should be capable enough to guard the network against downtime because of any hardware failure.
The same concept is extended to the servers.

• File management: The 'All Server' access is remote. No one will go to the server to add, remove, or move website content files. You should use secure FTP (SFTP) with a secure and robust password for all file transfer and maintenance while also following other FTP and SFTP best practices.

• Applications and log in: The hosting company should have a strict password policy for employees with mandatory password changes at regular intervals as well as when equipment or personnel changes. You should have similar policies for your server access passwords. Establish and enforce policies for strong passwords. Those who want to can exploit weak passwords within hours

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Starter plans: They are ideal for small companies, startups, blogs and personal websites.
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Value Plan:

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